Frustrated by the lack of locally-owned media outlets and local news content, a team of individuals created iLocalNews. Like you, we saw a number of professional journalists losing their jobs at local news outlets and diminished reporting on community news and activities. Many important local news stories, ranging from local government corruption to high school sports activities, go unreported every day. We are determined to find a way for important local news stories to reach community audiences.

iLocalNews provides an interactive neighborhood-based website enabling citizens and professional journalists to report and share local news and information with their communities. We worked with local communities and businesses to fulfill a need and built a digital framework where professional journalists and local residents can file stories and opinions, with audio, video and photographs about important local news, events and issues. Citizens move from the audience, reading yesterday’s news, to the writer’s desk, sharing local breaking news and views with their communities.

Our mission is to provide real-time local news and information, foster a renewed sense of community engagement and promote transparency in local government. Democracies flourish when local news outlets keep a watchful eye on local government activities. Our vision is to become every hometown’s most trusted local news source and digital marketplace, where local news consumers file stories and stimulate local economic growth through the exchange of goods and services.