Business Partners

Advertise with Us. Maximize revenues through innovative digital advertising and ecommerce mechanisms geared to the needs of local economies. iLocalNews offers an array of localized direct marketing mechanisms for business advertising including self-service advertising, group coupons, ecommerce agreements, trusted classifieds and native content.

Self-service advertising, group coupons and trusted classified mechanisms enable businesses to directly purchase advertising in defined localized markets. Native content, or sponsored advertising, offers articles educating consumers about local products and trends. Whether you have a timely deal, surplus merchandise or just want to get the word out, your business will have a cost effective, measurable partner in iLocalNews.

Become a Local Affiliate Owner. iLocalNews is looking for locally-owned business partner affiliates in every hometown. Interested in bringing iLocalNews to your city?  Please contact us. (click to form that asks for name, occupation, contact information, e-mail, city of interest and a comment field to answer the question: Why do you want to become a local affiliate owner of iLocalNews in your hometown.)

To discuss either of these opportunities, please contact Chip Sobel at