USDOJ still has explaining to do

August 17, 2020 - 3:20pm

Ed Springston

Everyone is paying attention right now to the USDOJ and AG Barr. I get it I really do, I am one of them. What I don't get is why if you are "cleaning house" you would hire someone who is not exactly clean themselves.

I am talking about James Carroll, current Director of the National Drug Control Policy. Carroll appears to have many questions surrounding his integrity as well. It goes back to the current Jay Morgan whistleblower case against Ford Motor Company for insider trading while Carroll headed up their legal department. He allegedly outed the whistleblower Morgan and aided and abetted the repercussions that cost Morgan his career. Repeatedly refused to allow himself to be depositioned or answer any questions regarding it. 

The other person of interest in the White House staffing these days is Eugene Scalia, current head of the US Department of Labor. How did he get that job other than being the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Gene Scalia has already revamped the DOL to make it even harder for anyone to bring charges, this after aiding and abetting Ford in the coverup on Jay Morgan.

The reality is clear that something isn't adding up. When former Ford people like these two get hired for positions like this we have to ask why.

Especially when we are trying to pretend we want to clean up the Justice Department. In the current environment with many questions now being asked about bribes etc made by auto manufacturers and the UAW, would you actually risk these hires? 

You don't hire roosters to guard the henhouse and you don't hire those with alleged criminal behavior to do justice.

It really is that simple and raises red flags galore.



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