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ChipShots from the Louisville Rough - Alphabet Oop

February 8, 2019 - 5:02pm

Chip Sobel

  • Professional Journalist

Louisville and its elected leaders are very good at making announcements trumpeting how great something's going to be. Yet time and time again, whether it's a new WalMart, an Amazon bid, or now, Google Fiber, it is ATNA - All Talk, No Action.

  • Parkland

    Naming Airport After Muhammad Ali Is An Insult To Louisville

    Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced Wednesday that Louisville International Airport will be renamed the deceased
  • Houston Acres, City of

    ChipShots from the Louisville Rough - George H. W. Bush

    George H. W. Bush was the last president where no American suggested he was not theirs. "Compromise" is not a bad word.
  • Chickasaw

    West Side Communities Left Behind for Seven Years

    The failure of Mayor Gregory Fischer to achieve his 2011 “three pillars” of governance has produced a greater divide

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