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Shutdown worse than COVID

February 22, 2021 - 5:52pm

Ed Springston

Yes you read the headline correct. I was asked what was worse by a friend, COVID or teh Government response to it. Had to admit I think the Government overreached and COVID should have been allowed to reach herd immunity. I have been chastised for that thought but nonetheless I believed itin the beginning and I believe it now. The numbers don't lie, theyrarely do, but in this case they are a bit staggering. 

  • Fern Creek

    Mike Lindell shows his evidence of election fraud

    I have decided this won't be my argument. What does that mean? Simply this, this Nation is too divided amongst idiots
  • Fern Creek

    History once again repeats itself, goodbye America

    Strong headline but so very true. I don't make that claim lightly. As an old veteran I took an oath. I have done my
  • Fern Creek

    Trump deserves 4 more years

    Say what you want but President Trump has earned another 4 years. The lunatics in the far left Democratic asylum have

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