Trump deserves 4 more years

August 29, 2020 - 11:05am

Ed Springston

Say what you want but President Trump has earned another 4 years. The lunatics in the far left Democratic asylum have taken over. It is proven each and every day. Paid rioters on the streets creating chaos, the inability of the Democratic party to denounce the violence, Democratic cities being destroyed based on lies by the media and others. I could go on and on with that alone.

Never has a party so openly, brazenly, and cowardly ever imploded so badly. Aided and abetted by the fake news media.

All because they could not admit their self ordained so called leader Hillary Clinton could not and still has not admitted defeat. The entire party looks like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum in a store because they didn't get a piece of candy. They should be ashamed but they aren't. They seem to take pride in their failings and double down for more.

Amidst all of this debauchery President Trump has stood firm and is the first President I can recall actually fulfilling his campaign promises. Even amidst the fake attacks by the liberal communist Democrats that rule the party these days. They prefer open borders, for the slave labor that comes with it, yet President Trump has continued to make us safer. More border walls continue going up and illegal immigration is down.

He just brokered a peace deal in the middle east while democrats were attacking him as usual and mainstream media was as well.

President Trump promised to create fairer trade deals. He did. He renegotiated and forced China to be fairer to us with trade. He renegotiated NAFTA and in essence the money from that alone is paying for the border wall. No one expected Mexico to write a check labeled border wall to the US, so we got it another way. Once again, Trump fulfilled his promise.

How do Democrats respond? With so called "sanctuary cities" to protect the lawless. Once again sacrificing Americans for their own asinine gains.

There are so many examples it would be fruitless to list them all. The haters will say it doesn't matter anyway. Those who love America will know it does.

The left continues to destroy America and create a darkness that will take years to get out of. They are willing to force a civil war to get what they want at the expense of us all. 

Cities destroyed with the blessing of Democratic leaders. Americans scared to go outside and live their lives because of fear of violence. Spare me the COVID lunacy it is a smokescreen. 

All because some ---- hurt liberals can't accept their failures.

Instead of giving a vision of their future during their own DNC, they spent the entire time bashing America and trying to bring us all down into their misery.

It is time to fight back.

Trump deserves 4 more years and we deserve to take our streets back from the lawless. The foxes who have destroyed them should not be given a pass to guard them. We need to ensure that the Liberal leftist lose the House and Senate as well. It is time to let them know that we Americans control their fate not them controlling ours. Give Trump a Congress that can work for us. If they don't, we can eliminate them in the next one. But we need to try.

It begins and ends with us.....


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