History once again repeats itself, goodbye America

January 9, 2021 - 6:41am

Ed Springston

Strong headline but so very true. I don't make that claim lightly. As an old veteran I took an oath. I have done my best to fulfill that oath for as long as possible. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. What we are seeing today is clearly a historical moment and yet so familiar. The destruction of America from within as has happened so many times throughout history to others. Denying free speech, state controlled media, no dissent allowed. Example after example.   We spent 4 years watching vicious attacks on a 10 year old son of a sitting President. No one was banned nor were these posts taken down.   We spent the last 4 years enduring an all out war against a sitting President based on lies regarding Russia and so much more. No one was banned or removed from social media.   We spent the last four years witnessing outright death threats against the sitting President on social media again with no repercussions or accountability.   We had to see pictures of a beheaded President shared on social media that traumatized his family, and many others. No repercussions, no removal, no fact checks, no shame.   We have witnessed the last four years an attack against a sitting first lady who by all accounts is one of the best we have ever had with no recourse or no shame. No censorship.   BUT if you dare criticize or question the Democrat Biden or Harris, or any other Dem in power, you are shamed, ridiculed, removed, and are not allowed a voice.   Free speech is dead and this is gestapo level behavior. What are they scared of?    I will be removed from social media at some point I am sure because I disagree with the "new" way. I refuse to conform to communism. It is our right and duty as free Americans to question our leaders. We are not allowed to any longer. Yet this approach is so common throughout history we still have not learned from others mistakes.   This is the new CCPUSA, my term, in its beginning stages and we will suffer greatly going forward. America as a free nation is now well on its way to doom just as history has done to so many others.   I will miss her......


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