Mike Lindell shows his evidence of election fraud

February 7, 2021 - 12:53pm

Ed Springston

I have decided this won't be my argument. What does that mean? Simply this, this Nation is too divided amongst idiots claiming some kind of know it all superiority because of the politicians who created the division. Make no mistake we are more divided than ever in my lifetime. We are experiencing censorship and dictatorial leadership reminiscent to Nazi Germany right now. Agree? Disagree? That is your call argue amongst yourselves.

The reality is that there is evidence of some serious election fraud during the 2020 elections. This fraud was perpetrated against the American voters by outside foreign interests, primaily China. Russia is your red herring because China benefits the Democratic party. Too much evidence dictates that. The question really has become not did it happen, but was it enough to sway the election?

The fact that there was ZERO true investigation of these serious claims should be alarming to each and every American regardless of politics. The sad reality is no one seemingly cares on the left. 

Nor do the swamp creatures on the right including Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney. Neither deserve the status of Senator IMO. The swamp includes those from both sides of the aisle and is not party specific. So while the majority argue based on party lines the swamp benefits from the division.

And that is a problem that affects us all regardless of political ideology. 

So is Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame right or wrong. The following is his 2 hour video laying out his claims. Make up your own mind but we the people do deserve to see it regardles of the media swamp that wants us kept in the dark by deleting it at every turn.

Without further ado enjoy!






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    True or false? You decide