Magre vs. The Economy Inn

August 27, 2015 - 11:27am

Thomas McAdam

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The raging battle between Metro Government and the Economy Inn took a turn earlier this week, when the Department of Public Health and Wellness issued a notice of intent to suspend the motel’s license to operate.  Located at 3304 Bardstown Road, just South of the city’s Upper Highlands neighborhood, the motel has been the site of hundreds of arrests and police investigations over the past few years; with allegations of everything from drug sales, physical altercations, and prostitution. 

Now, Health Department officials have charged the motel with having dirty sheets, roach and other pest infestations, and receiving a score of 48 out of 100 on a recent sanitation inspection.

Louisville Metro Councilman Steve Magre (D-10), who has led the battle on behalf of a concerned community, issued the following statement:

“This action really comes as no surprise for those of us who have continued to hear about the problems in the operation of the Economy Inn. I am glad the Department is taking this process seriously in enforcing the same rules and regulations as other businesses in Metro Louisville. It would appear they now understand what needs to take place.

“I have often been asked if I am trying to close down the Economy Inn and I have said many times, I am just bringing the concerns of the people who live around the Economy Inn to light.

“If the owners of the Economy Inn truly are serious about being a good neighbor and want to provide a safe place to be like any good hotel, they will clean up their own act. If not, it will be the Economy Inn that will eventually be responsible for its closing because of their refusal to address these many concerns.

“There are still too many police runs to this facility.  We will soon be moving forward, with the help of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office on amending the Metro Code of Ordinances dealing deal with public nuisances in an attempt to address many of the problems of the Economy Inn and other facilities like it. I expect to be ready to move on that sometime around the first of September.

“In the meantime, I hope the Department will continue to pursue what needs to be done to correct the situation with the Economy Inn.”


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