Learn How To Milk A Cow

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Want to learn how to milk a cow? Make a robot? Stop a leaky faucet? Act out Shakespeare?

Those are just a sample of more than 100 things people can learn in five hours at the Louisville Library’s fifth annual How-To Festival.

This year’s Festival is a mix of past favorites -- how to age gracefully, train your dog, and BBQ -- along with new lessons, including how to create a banana piano, how to read Tarot cards, and how to make chainmail jewelry. Plus, Mayor Greg Fischer will be a special guest presenter this year, teaching “how-to start a business.”

The How-To Festival takes place on Saturday, May 14, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Main Library, 301 York Street. Sessions will be located in more than 20 areas throughout the building and surrounding grounds, transforming the entire library into a giant classroom. Food trucks will be available.

The How-To Festival is free and open to the public. Here is a complete list of session topics:

•How to milk a cow

•How to bird watch

•How to hula hoop

•How to de-clutter and organize your home

•How to age gracefully

•How to create a bond with your dog

•How to train your dog

•How to become a writer

•How to collect vintage costume jewelry on a budget

•How to feel better using Asian acupressure

•How to sing opera

•How to Be a Backstage Wardrobe Wiz

•How to jump rope

•How to practice Aikido

•How to act out Shakespeare

•How To Dance a Showstopper

•How to sword fight

•How to repair and maintain your record player

•How to preserve family documents and keepsakes

•How to quilt

•How to know when to help an injured or orphaned animal

•How to Hawaiian Hula dance

•How to get fit with Zumba

•How to BBQ: Chicken, Brisket & Pork

•How to make a Chinese lantern

•How to quill paper filigree

•How to protect yourself from identity theft

•How to perform adult hula hoop tricks

•How to attract bees and butterflies to your backyard

•How to garden in small places

•How to grow and take care of tomatoes

•How to plant a shade garden

•How to grow garlic and herbs

•How to reclaim, replant, and beautify unused green space

•How to plant a sacred grove

•How to start and raise asparagus in a raised bed

•How to use rain barrels and rain gardens

•How to identify and use healing plants

•How to fix your bike

•How to get started with drones and photography

•How to program using Scratch

•How to program an Arduino

•How to start a business by the businessman who happens to be mayor

•How to film and edit

•How to become a Tarot reader

•How to read and understand your astrological birth chart

•How to develop a biologically diverse landscape

•How to purchase a home

•How to make a silhouette portrait

•How to garden with native plants

•How to learn a foreign language on your phone

•How to walk, talk, and dance like a pirate

•How to solder

•How to make your own mechanical launcher

•How to make busts, bobbleheads, and badges with 3D printing

•How to draw freehand geometric designs

•How to paint with watercolors

•How to bullet journal

•How to discover your inner artist

•How to make wire and chain mail jewelry

•How to repair drywall

•How to do simple plumbing repairs

•How to know when to renovate or sell your house

•How to screen print a t-shirt

•How to create a banana piano

•How to make pizza cake

•How to brew your own beer

•How to cook with olive oil

•How to look at the sun through a telescope

•How to arrange silk and artificial flowers

•How to embroider

•How to create and care for bonsai

•How to write riddle jokes for the young and young at heart

•How to do a clipper cut and five minute up do

•How to make an American flag windsock

•How to make Chinese dumplings

•How to make a Chinese lantern

•How to use chopsticks

•How to make a simple abacus

•How to master basic woodcarving

•How to do simple lawnmower maintenance

•How to trace your family history

•How to search census records for your ancestors

•How to search historical newspapers

•How to Do Estate, Special Needs and Business Succession Planning

•How to keep cash flowing in your business

•How to Register to Vote

•How to create with paper and cloth mache

•How to play modern board games

•How to find options for your body after death

•How to perform simple car maintenance & buff scratches

•How to encourage family health & wellness

•How to be prepared in case of a terrorist attack

•How to preserve family photos

•How to do child, adult, and infant CPR

Already know you’re coming? RSVP on our Facebook event page (CLICK HERE). And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram using #HowToFestival.


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