ChipShots from the Louisville Rough - Alphabet Oop

February 8, 2019 - 5:02pm

Chip Sobel

  • Professional Journalist

Louisville and its elected leaders are very good at making announcements trumpeting how great something's going to be. Yet time and time again, whether it's a new WalMart, an Amazon bid, or now, Google Fiber, it is ATNA - All Talk, No Action. Someone needs to decide the followthrough is more important than the media event.                                                                                                        

Perhaps the city bent over too far for the Alphabet kids, begging them to come, passing ordinances, spending all kinds of taxpayer money on lawsuits. Bottom line - Neither Google nor Louisville officials did proper due diligence. And now, AT&T and Spectrum will show their customers and the city what the meaning of the word "respect" means. Coming soon to a monthly bill near you - compassionate price increases.


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